Giveaway: Call for Pride Week photos

Happy Pride Week Fayetteville! In the spirit of pride and good times for all, I’m making a formal request for pictures of real NWA Pride. You see, I’ll be out of town this weekend, so I’m missing out on all the fun. Still, I know many of you will be around to take pictures, and after you do, I want to see ’em. I know there are a lot cameras floating around out there, so I’m expecting to see a lot of good stuff.

This week, I’d like Flyer readers to photograph anything and everything related to Pride in NWA. Obviously, I’m looking for fun pictures of this weekend’s Pride parade, but I’m also interested in any image you can create that says “Pride” to you.

Pick a small handfull of your favorite shots (5 or so), and submit them by Monday, June 29th at noon. I’ll pick my favorites and publish them to our site in a slideshow with the photographer names attached. We’re mostly interested in displaying photos from this week/weekend, so try to keep ’em current.

As before, you can submit photos in two ways:

E-mail: Send an e-mail with your image files attached to [email protected]. Please include your name in the e-mail. If you have more than 3 images, you might want to split the files into two e-mails to make sure they go through smoothly.

Flickr: For those of you with flickr accounts, you can simply upload photos and tag them: flyerpics music. Please include any relevant event details with the tagged photos such as subject, location, and date. On Monday, I’ll go through and pull out all the photos tagged as such and add them to the selection pool.

Need some incentive? Perhaps a prize? We’ll give away a spiffy new Fayetteville Flyer t-shirt to one lucky person who submits photos. Selection of the winner will be random, but you have to submit at least one photo to be eligible.

[Photo by M. Taylor Long]

M Taylor Long is a guest contributor for the Fayetteville Flyer. He is a Fayetteville native and an avid photographer. For more of Taylor’s contributions to the Fayetteville Flyer, visit his author page.