Local news: June 16-21

Musical chairs at Hyland Park
The neighborhood on the east side of the city is finally getting its water tank. But it took a lot of compromising. And $75,000 of Jim Waselues’ money.

No word on Sale Barn yet
After 70 years, the Washington County Livestock Auction is going out of business and selling the property. The buyer plans to build apartments after a rezoning approval. Some neighbors want something quieter while others want the land for cemetery expansion. Trouble is, there can be only one buyer.

Dog park coming soon
Last week’s City Council meeting was intense. Fortunately, we all got a break when a dog entered the room. “Bella” was there to help celebrate the announcement of a new dog park.

More E-Z Mart liquor
The E-Z Mart store at 3408 S. School (near Drake Field) received approval for liquor sales but not the one at 1950 N. Leverett (near the ghetto?). (via NWA Times and The Morning News)

Better buckle up next week
Come June 30, Arkansas’ primary seat belt law will take effect which means you can get pulled over for not wearing it. Before, officers had to find some other reason to stop you before writing a seat belt citation. (via that apparently-true TV commercial)

Disclosure: The owner of the sale barn property, Billy Joe Bartholomew, is our own Dustin Bartholomew’s grandfather. Read our full disclosure policy here.