To-do: Wednesday 6/24

According to the weather widget in our header, it’s 91 degrees outside. According to my dog, Sadie, who I just took outside for a brief walk, it’s the perfect time for a sprint through a clover field which leads to a foot chase and a twisted ankle. Awesome!

While I’m eating ice cream and icing my ankle tonight, you could be doing one of the following:

  1. Eating lollipops while listening to Lollipop Factory at Smoke & Barrel Tavern
  2. Eating a Sonoma sandwich while listening to Shout LuLu at Smiling Jack’s
  3. Eating a free range chicken caesar wrap while listening to Sarah Hughes at Greenhouse Grille

But that’s not all. There’s a free show at George’s tonight as well as music (music?) at El Chico and jazz at Ella’s.

Full list. For you. To read. Below.

El Chico: Tiffany Christopher
Ella’s: Jazz on the Hill
George’s: After the Scars, Fade to Fall – Free show
Greenhouse Grille: Sarah Hughes & Stingray
Jose’s: Karaoke
Smiling Jack’s Fresh Foods: Shout Lulu
Smoke & Barrel: Lollipop Factory (Columbus, OH)