Sale: Half Price Walton Arts Center Broadway Subscriptions

If you’re a Broadway fan, being able to see Broadway shows right here in Fayetteville rules. Being able to see them for half price warrants some other word. A word that hasn’t even been invented yet but is more meaningful than “rules”. How about I just coin a new term right here and now. The official new word is “bonkin.” Being able to see Broadway shows right here in Fayetteville for half price is totally bonkin.

This Saturday only (June 27, 2009), the Walton Arts Center is having a Summer Broadway Subscription Sale and select 2009-2010 Broadway subscriptions will be offered at 50% off. In other words, you can see a total of 6 shows for less than $100.*

The Summer Broadway Sale is one day only – and these deals are only available IN PERSON on Saturday from 9am to 4pm at Walton Arts Center. No phone or internet discounts are available.

For those unfamiliar, the P&G Broadway Series includes five Broadway shows. Subscribers get tickets to each show plus the ability to choose a sixth show from a select list of performances.

The 09/10 P&G Broadway Series includes the following shows:
Riverdance: The Farewell Performances – Oct. 20-25
The Rat Pack is Back for the Holidays – Dec. 8-13
Little House on the Prairie – Jan. 5-10, 2009
Roger’s and Hammerstein’s South Pacific – Mar. 30 – Apr 4, 2010
Grease – May 4-9, 2010

*Available for select dates and seating sections only. For more information, call 479-443-5600.