To-do: Thursday 6/25

We’re having a helluva time keeping our calendar up to date. The past couple of weeks have been insane around here and with only two people running the Flyer, we’re starting to feel growing pains. So for anyone who’s noticed that our “7-day calendar” has only been featuring a few days at a time, we’re really sorry. We’ll try to get back on track.

Until then, you can always count on the weekday to-do posts and the weekend summaries.

What’s happening tonight? Well Opal Fly and The Swatters will be at Smoke & Barrel as always on Thursdays. And George’s has the Massey Records Showcase with three bands playing.

Charliehorse will be rocking the patio at Powerhouse and Joey Farr & Friends are in Midtown at Gypsy on College.

There’s more, though. Hereyago:

Fayetteville Farmers’ Market: On the Square (7am-2pm), Mill District (4pm-7pm)
George’s: Massey Records Showcase w/ Wasting Days, Amure, Finding Jimmy Hoffa
Gypsy on College: Joey Farr & Friends
Jose’s: Traveling Wheelbearings
Pesto Cafe: Sarah Hughes
Powerhouse: Charliehorse
Smiling Jack’s Fresh Foods: Josh & Friends
Smoke & Barrel: Opal Fly
St. Paul’s Episcopal: KUAF/Fulbright Chamber Music Festival Concert
Tangerine: Drag show
Teatro Scarpino: Big Bad Gina