It’s Independents Week

Fayetteville rules. We’ve got all the good musicians. We’ve got all the cool art galleries. We’ve got all the cool people. We even have all the cool dogs.

What we also have here in Fayetteville are all the cool, locally owned, independent businesses, and the fact that we’ve got all these awesome places makes Fayetteville the #1 city in all of America, and the United States, and the world.

Starting today through July 7th is Independents Week, a campaign created by the American Independent Business Alliance to help promote awareness of the importance of buying local and how doing so is good for the community as well as the local economy.

In honor of all this, we’ll be highlighting some of our favorite local establishments over the next week or so to help remind ourselves of some of the great places we have in town as well as to try and help expose some of the new places that we hope will take off.

To kick things off, I thought it would be cool to give some shout outs to some of our favorites in the comments of this post. And since the spirit of this post is to help support our local businesses, let’s try and keep this one ultra positive, cool?

What are the non-chain restaurants you’d take someone visiting Fayetteville to? What are some places that don’t get enough credit for being awesome? What are some great local places that you’ve discovered that you think people need to know about? And what are the old staples that make Fayetteville such a cool place to live?

Let’s hear it. What are your favorite locally owned businesses in Fayetteville?