Shortcuts: Thursday 7/2

Shortcuts are hand-picked bits of news, commentary and info from around the city, the region and even from beyond the state line.

Here are today’s shortcuts. Check ’em out.


Officers cleared of wrongdoing
According to a press release, the bullet that struck Ms. Ulmer “tumbled in” and therefore, is indication enough that it had struck something prior to hitting Ms. Ulmer’s head. Of the 25-30 stab wounds she suffered, one severed a major artery that would have caused her death just a few minutes.

Kristen or Blythe?
The Morning News reports that Kristen McCauley from Fayetteville won the Arkansas Idol challenge to solidify a spot in front of American Idol producers in Denver next week. says her name is Blythe. Which is it? My guess is both. My first name is Jeremy. I can relate.


Powerball for Christmas
With the majority of Arkansans officially in favor of the lottery, it’s no surprise that we were invited to participate in Powerball. Did we accept? Yes we did.

Pools, planes and Princes
A few years ago when I was touring with a band, we played during an amateur wrestling match on Beale Street and at a motor speedway in Batesville, Arkansas shortly afterwards. Rock Candy’s Lindsey Millar reports that Flyer favorites the American Princes have upped the ante in terms of weird/awesome (wawesome?) venues and will be playing at JFK Airport and Union Pool in Brooklyn later this month.


Gay sex is now legal in Delhi
An Indian court decriminalized homosexuality yesterday. But only in the country’s capital. Everywhere else still carries a 10-year prison sentence.

North Korea fires 4 (more) test missiles