Where to see some fireworks – July 2009

For the longest time, the city’s annual fireworks display was at the Northwest Arkansas Mall. People would congregate in all the grassy areas, sidewalks and parking lots along 71B and tune their radios in to either 107.9 or 92.1 (probably both) to hear firework music (you know, U.S. pride-type stuff).

The event eventually moved to Baum Stadium but it was still a good time, indeed. The good times, however, are over, at least temporarily.

For the second year in a row, Red White and Boom has been cancelled due to financial reasons. The event usually costs the City of Fayetteville about $30k with the A&P Commission kicking in about $15k or so to cover the nearly $50k needed to blow stuff up in the sky. It’s unfortunate for our spirits but with a price tag that high, it’s hard to complain during times like these.

So where can you go if you want to see some colorful s’plosions?

“The largest fireworks show in Northwest Arkansas”

Your best bet is probably Fourth at the Field which is at Arvest Ballpark in Springdale. It’s a two-day event with a concert on Friday night and some fireworks afterwards but Saturday’s schedule includes what’s being called the “largest fireworks show in Northwest Arkansas.” Tickets to Saturday’s event are $6 and can be ordered by calling (479) 927-4900 or visiting the ballpark’s ticket page.

What else?

That’s not all, though. There are lots of other local events planned. KFSM has a list of things happening all over Northwest Arkansas (not all include fireworks) and so does NWA Events Online.

Buying your own…

If watching other people light fuses doesn’t do it for ya, then you could venture outside the city limits (firework sales aren’t allowed in Fayetteville) and buy some of your own. However, be aware that the only thing you’re legally allowed to light off here in Fayetteville is a sparkler, a smoke bomb or one of those growing “snakes” that stains up your driveway. Anything that explodes or shoots into the air is prohibited. And by “prohibited” I mean there will be thousands of explosions both on the ground and in the air all night long … all within the city limits.

Photo by MRHSfan via Flickr and Creative Commons 2.0