To-do: Monday 7/6

Besides the fireworks that may or may not have been fired off inside the city limits, Fayetteville was pretty quiet this weekend. It almost seemed like a ghost town when I was driving around on Saturday afternoon.

So what’s the remedy for kind-of-ghost-townitis? A big Monday and Tuesday, that’s what.

And George’s Majestic Lounge is stepping up to assist beginning with tonight’s long-awaited The Paper Chase show. If you didn’t win a spot on the guest list, no big deal. You can still buy a ticket. It’s cool.

Tomorrow night is Jenny Lewis but we’ll get to that … well … tomorrow.

If music isn’t what you’re looking for tonight and you’d rather beat the crap out of someone in a friendly game of Connect Four, there’s a tournament for doing just that at Smoke & Barrel.

What else? Hereyago:

George’s: The Paper Chase, The Counterlife, Perpetual Werewolf, Mount Vicious
Gypsy on College: Jovan Arellano
Nightbird Books: Arkansas Playwrights Workshop with Bob Ford – 6:30pm
The Perk: Acoustic Jam night
Pesto Cafe: Darren Ray
Smiling Jack’s Fresh Foods: Candy Lee
Smoke & Barrel: Connect Four Tournament
US Pizza Co: Shannon Wurst