Check It Out: Big River BBQ

You know the building on College where that Sonic used to be, the one just down the road from Evelyn Hills?  The one where there has been an empty Sonic just sitting there for the past couple years?  The one that everyone assumed would stay empty until another Sonic moved into it because no one could imagine anything but a Sonic occupying it? 

Well, starting today, it shall be empty no longer, and not because we are getting another Sonic.  It is because of Big River BBQ.

According to the sign out front, Big River BBQ’s grand opening will be today and they will have $5 catfish combos.  Sounds like a serious deal.

If you happen to check it out today let us know how it went, and let us know if they are using the old Sonic machines to place orders.

Trip Jones is a guest contributor for the Fayetteville Flyer. He is a graduate student in the Walton College of Business at the University of Arkansas. For more of Trip’s contributions, visit his author page.