Mayor Jordan activates new Highway 45 traffic light

Mayor Jordan and a handful of City staff gathered at the intersection of Highway 45 and Joe Fred Starr Road at 10:00 a.m. this morning to celebrate a newly installed traffic light and to officially activate it for use.

The group took turns thanking those who helped with the project, namely the Fayetteville Public School District who the City says was instrumental in getting the light installed. “Without all of us who worked together along with this partnership, it couldn’t have happened,” said Mayor Jordan.

The new traffic light is located near Vandergriff Elementary and McNair Middle Schools and was installed to help increase safety for Fayetteville students.

“And with that, I guess we’ll turn on the light,” said Mayor Jordan after everyone had spoke. The official countdown began and the Mayor flipped the switch. Moments later, a car pulled up to the intersection and slowed to a stop as the light turned from yellow to red for the first time ever.

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