Flyer Profile: The Ozark Mountain Nightmare Band

I don’t know much about cooking, but I’ve heard if you take three veterans of the Fayetteville music scene, give them some guitars, amplifiers, drums, microphones, add a surf-y sound, and put some peanut butter on there, you’ve got a recipe for bitching.

Peanut butter optional.

Jerm Barnes, Dan Holopoff and Billy Hobbs have been playing in bands in Fayetteville for as long as I can remember. Jerm played in the Total Knockouts way back in the day, and Dan and Billy played together in one of our favorite Fayetteville bands in recent years, the Cars that Crash. And speaking of Billy, let us not forget the legendary Quadrofiends.

We found out these three they were playing together back in March, and we’ve been meaning to track them down for an interview ever since.

We did it.

We got in touch with the Ozark Mountain Nightmare Band, and they answered some questions. Do yourself a favor, and check out This is Mutiny below, and after that, you can check out more of their tunes on their Myspace page.

Fayetteville Flyer: What have you been listening to lately?
Jerm: The Vibrators, Kitty Wells, Pixies, Epoxies, The Blasters and Toots & the Maytals
Dan: Depeche Mode “Violator” and Mew
Billy: The only time I really listen to music is in my van and i’ve had Aqueduct in my cd player for about 6 months

FF: What are some of the other bands you guys have played in around Fayetteville over the years?
OMNB: Total Knockouts, Bitter Youth Orchestra, Soda Pop Gods, Big Lugz, Kung Fu Grip, The Cars That Crash, A is for A, The Quadrofiends

FF: How long have you been playing together as Ozark Mountain Nightmare Band?
OMNB: Off and on for about 3 years – we like to take multi year breaks every now and then

FF: Great name, by the way.. Where did the name come from?
OMNB: It’s a play off of the Jim Henson’s movie – Emmett Otter’s Jug-Band Christmas – there was a talent show and one of the bands was called the River Bottom Nightmare Band – our friend Kevin came up with it a long time ago.

FF: Yes! I hoped you would say that. The three songs you guys have listed on your Myspace page are all really diverse, but the surf-influenced stuff is the most surprising. Where’d that come from? (It’s awesome)
OMNB: We all 3 have pretty diverse tastes in music but we all love that old ventures surf sound – Dan says it comes from playing a Fender guitar through a Fender amp.

FF: Do you have other stuff recorded, and where can we get our hands on some of it?
OMNB: We have lots of stuff recorded – we record everything ourselves so we can record whenever we want – the only place you can get our recordings is at our shows

FF: What are some other bands playing in town right now that you admire?
OMNB: Admire is a strong word but the Family Dogs is probably one of our favorite bands to play shows with – they bring the rock

FF: If there was one old-school Fayetteville band that you could reunite for a show, who would that be, and where would the show be played?
Jerm & Billy: Dig and the show would be at the old Studio 225 – those shows back then were incredible
Dan: The Paper Hearts at the old JR’s Lightbulb Club

FF: What’s next for you guys? Any recording / touring plans?
OMNB: Small recordings – weekend touring – jobs and kids keep us pretty busy

Click below to hear This is Mutiny by the Ozark Mountain Nightmare Band

Photo by Kristi Mitchell