Houston Nutt: Reality TV star?

For Razorback fans who caught the most recent season of “Hard Knocks,” it was a delight to see our own Felix Jones in beautiful HBO HDTV as he and the rest of the Dallas Cowboys prepared for the upcoming football season.

For those wanting more reality TV with a bit of ex-Hog flavor, the following paragraph should come as bittersweet news. Well, probably more bitter than sweet. And probably only sweet in that there’ll be a lot of laughing at the show’s centerpiece star.

According to the Daily Mississippian, Turner Broadcasting’s TruTV is set to begin filming a new reality series that documents the preseason events of none other than the Ole Miss Rebels. You know, the team that ex-Hog head football coach Houston Nutt now calls his own?

The original press release is no longer available on PR Newswire but Deadspin is reporting that the show will be called “Gridiron U.”

I’m not sure what happened to the first reality TV show that the Nutts were supposed to appear in but after last year’s success on the football field, coupled with the no-doubt hilarious footage TruTV’s cameras are going to come out of Oxford with, I’ll bet this one is a little more popular. OK, a LOT more popular.

Some folks seem to think this will be “the year” for the Rebels. But then again, lots of folks thought the same about the Dallas Cowboys before the last season began. Could there be a reality TV curse a brewin’? Some could only hope.