Record sale and exchange at Jose’s on Saturday

CD’s were cool. MP3’s are convenient. Tapes were really stupid. But as far as I’m concerned, there really is no substitute for the sound created by a spinning record under a well worn needle on a turntable.

I’m talking about vinyl, y’all.

For those who collect vinyl, the thrill of the search is almost as satisfying as “spinning the black wheel,” and on Saturday from 9:00-1:00pm, there will be over 1,000 records for perusing at Jose’s, and it’s even for a good cause.

Community Preschool has been in Fayetteville since the mid 70’s. It’s a non-profit parent cooperative school run by a small staff and a handful of volunteers that serves a lot of low income families in Fayetteville and University Students. But lately, the school has fallen on some hard times.

In an effort to raise some funds to help ends meet through the end of the summer, several of the parents who rely on the school have organized the record sale and exchange.

Misty Gittings a parent, volunteer, and one of the organizers of the event said that the record sale idea came pretty naturally. “We love vinyl at Community Preschool, so we thought this would bring in the people that we like. The kids listen to records all the time at the school,” she said.

After sorting through some of the early donations, Misty made it clear that they’ll have more than just a bunch of Andy Williams records.

“We found some really great stuff,” said Gittings. “We have some Beatles, Elvis, Johnny Cash, Al Hirt, and some fantastic movie soundtracks. We’ve got Superman, The Godfather, Star Trek, and Star Wars. We also have the Concert for Bangladesh in near perfect condition with the book. Let’s see… Blondie, the Byrds, Led Zeppelin II, Jim Croce, Iron Butterfly, Bruce Springsteen, a whole collection of Neil Diamond, the Carpenters, the Eurythmics, Elton John, etc.”

Donations will be accepted leading up to and even during the event, and people are encouraged to bring in some of their old records to exchange with other attendees.

Vinyl’s not all there is, though. In addition, there will be some vintage art, books and CD’s. And it’s not just the adults doing all the work, either. Several of the preschool kids will operate a lemonade stand on Dickson St. “The kids have been working hard painting and building the lemonade stand. We’ll also have some homemade treats for sale,” said Gittings.

Sounds like a pretty awesome way to spend a Saturday morning. Go buy some records, and help some kids, will ya?