Cory Branan and Jon Snodgrass at George’s tonight

For some, trying to figure out what to do tonight in Fayetteville is going to be tricky. For others, simply hearing the words “Cory Branan” are all that’s necessary and the night’s immediately planned. Adding the name “Jon Snodgrass” should solidify the decision.

Neither songwriter needs an introduction but just in case you’re tilting your head a little, Jon spent the majority of the 90s putting out numerous records with the Fort Collins, CO punk trio, Armchair Martian. He later went on to form the legendary alt-country band, Drag the River, with Chad Price from ALL. Cory is … well … Cory Branan, one the best singer/songwriters alive today. He also used to live across the street from the Wilson Park Castle here in Fayetteville before moving to Austin, in case that helps. It doesn’t? Well never mind then.

Cory and Jon’s split LP

The two have released a split, colored vinyl album/cassette/download with Cory lending three original songs to Jon’s two originals and two covers. Between Cory’s “The Corner” and Jon’s “Born Apart”, this album will be on repeat in my car for a while, no doubt.

The entire album is currently being streamed at Suburban Home Records so do yourself a Friday favor and check it out. It’ll help you prepare for what’s in store tonight at George’s Majestic Lounge when the two take the stage together.

Fans of either already know what to expect, though. In fact, trying to find words to describe the feeling you get from watching Cory play just feels silly.

Both the vinyl and cassette come with a download code and are available for purchase at Vinyl Collective.

[Photo by Nicole Kibert via Flickr and Creative Commons 2.0. Visit Nicole’s entire set for more Jon and Cory photos.]