To-do: Tuesday 7/21

Tonight’s Peter Frampton concert at the AMP has been canceled due to a thunderstorm, but not the one that’s happening right now. A previous outdoor concert in the rain left some of his equipment a little soggy and since it’s not ready for rocking yet, fans will have to wait until August 17 to see Frampton come alive. If you already had tickets to see Paul McCartney in Tulsa on August 17th, well, you might be outta luck.

Tonight’s to-do is a tough one. Personally, I need to figure out some way to teleport myself back and forth between the City Council meeting and the Walton Arts Center parking lot for the Celebration of a Razorback party. Both sound pretty exciting.

Later in the night, there’s jazz at Scarpino’s and a giant touring show coming at the Gypsy on College with a few local acts thrown in the mix. See below for details.

Le full list:

Fayetteville City Hall: City Council Meeting (Room 219) – 6pm
Fayetteville Farmers’ Market: On the square (7am-2pm)
Gypsy on College: Monstrosity, Thornafire, Torn The Fuck Apart, Vore, Asto Vidatu
Jose’s: Isayaha’s All Stars
Nightbird Books: Professional Women’s Network Brown Bag Lunch – 11:30am
Smiling Jack’s Fresh Foods: Effron White
Teatro Scarpino: Jazz w/ McLeod/Burson Quartet
Walton Arts Center (parking lot): Celebration of the Razorback

[Photo via Hog Heaven at The Wizard of Odds]