To-do: Tuesday 7/28

If the rain holds tonight, you’re in for a treat, Fayetteville. It’s not that Shannon Wurst doesn’t play here that often, because she does. But seeing her on the porch of Smiling Jack’s with the kind of weather we’ve been having lately will make for one heckuva Tuesday night.

Shannon has gained plenty of respect on her own as a solo artist, but mentioning the fact that she’s in 3 Penny Acre certainly couldn’t hurt.

Who’s in?

If you’re in another mood, though, there’s more:

Fayetteville Farmers’ Market: On the square – 7am-2pm
George’s: Backyard Rhythm Nation, Keith (the band), Jason Sterling
Gypsy on College: Wake, Razorfate, Wild Street
Herman’s Ribhouse: Scott Miller
Jose’s: Dave Stiles
Nightbird Books: Ozark Poets and Writers Collective – 7pm
Smiling Jack’s Fresh Foods: Shannon Wurst
Smoke & Barrel: Scrabble Tournament
Teatro Scarpino: McLeod Burson Jazz Quartet
Walton Arts Center: Sweet Can Circus: Open Circus Studio for Families – 6pm