To-do: Tuesday 8/4

It’s as hot as summer out there. You could put a burrito on the ground and scramble an egg … or however you say it.

You know what it’s not, though? Busy. For example, there are exactly three events listed on our calendar for tonight. Three total events, that is.

After you leave the City Council meeting, your choices for musical entertainment are Jazz at Scarpino’s, dancing at Electro Lounge or rock at Jose’s Streetside. Each comes with a free Choose Your Own Adventure style future reading.

Jazz at Scarpino’s is with the McLeod Burson Quartet. If you choose this, you will see Charles Allison tonight.

According to Gignest, tonight’s Electro Lounge at George’s features the Illuminati Trio (Jamtronica), Doohickey (Progressive Breaks), and Vaxinatio (Psychedelic Dub). If you choose this, someone will spill a Dr. Pepper on you before the end of the day. Also, that same someone will offer you the bananas from their box of Runts because they “aren’t a big banana person.”

Finally, if you choose to see the Odds at Jose’s, get ready to see some nudity. That’s all I’m saying.

Again, but in list format this time:

George’s: Electro Lounge – Illuminati Trio (Jamtronica), Doohickey (Progressive Breaks), and Vaxinatio (Psychedelic Dub)
Jose’s: The Odds
Teatro Scarpino: McLeod Burson Jazz Quartet