To-do: Thursday 8/20

If you’re at the Farmers’ Market right now, you’re soaking wet. If you’re reading this at the Farmers’ Market right now, you’re gonna need a new computer. Also, your hair looks funny like that.

Get a new computer, dry your hair and then have some fun tonight.

3 Penny Acre is playing their first show in Fayetteville since June tonight at George’s. They’ve been touring in Colorado and along the East Coast. Welcome home, 3 Penny Acre.

As always on Thursdays, Opal Fly & The Swatters will be at Smoke & Barrel and as always on the third Thursday, is the Third Thursday Garden Walk at the Botanical Garden of the Ozarks. Hope the rain clears up.

If you need a dozen more options, here you go:

21st Amendment: TJ Scarlet 
Arsaga’s on Crossover: Looking Through Your Eyes 
Botanical Garden of the Ozarks: Third Thursday Garden Walk 6pm
Fayetteville Farmers’ Market: On the square 7am-2pm
George’s: 3 Penny Acre 
Gypsy on College: Fetal Munk, Everyday Disciple 
Jose’s: Leah & The Mojo Doctors 
Tangerine: Darren Ray 
Pesto Cafe: Kevin Bennoch 
Powerhouse: Kidd Miller Band 
Smoke & Barrel Tavern: Opal Fly & The Swatters 
Tangerine: Darren Ray 
Teatro Scarpino: Big Bad Gina 
Fayetteville Public Library: Teen Knitting Group 5pm
Speakeasy: Jovan Arellano