Less than half of Arkansans think Obama is a US citizen

A poll conducted by publicpolicypolling.com released today revealed that less than half of Arkansans think President Barack Obama is a citizen of the United States. Just 45% of those polled believe that Obama was born in the US, with 31% stating they believe he was not, and 24% answering “not sure.”

55% of the respondents also said that conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh’s vision for the country is better than Obama’s, in spite of the fact that of those same respondents, only 35% of them have a favorable opinion of Limbaugh, compared to 44% “unfavorable.”

Other numbers from the poll indicate that 56% of those polled disapprove of the job Obama is doing so far as President, with just 40% approving.

The poll was conducted via an Interactive Voice Response poll (IVR), a common automated polling system that employs an automated, recorded voice to call respondents who are asked to answer questions by punching telephone keys.

Dean Debnam of Public Policy Polling estimated that around 25,000 calls were made, and of those, 784 Arkansas voters from all over the state made up the results.

“The way (this type of) poll works is you get a lot of no-answers, some numbers that are disconnected,” Debnam said.

“We pull a sample of likely voters that have voted in similar elections, then do a random sample, and then do a telephone poll of those voters because you’re trying to get an approriate sample of Arkansans.”

The full results of the poll are available on publicpolicypolling.com, which of course prompted us to update our poll in the sidebar, ’cause you know, Fayetteville is in Arkansas too.

[Via Taegan Goddard’s Political Wire]

[Photo by mountaineerpics via Flickr and Creative Commons 2.0]