Vote 3 Penny Acre into Austin City Limits

Austin City Limits is just over a month away and Fayetteville bands are seriously underrepresented on the 2009 artists lineup.

Let’s do something about that, wanna?

One of Fayetteville’s best bands as far as we’re concerned, 3 Penny Acre, has entered a contest that could earn them a spot on the stage at the world’s most bitching music festival, but they need your help. Like, today.

The contest is called the Sound and the Jury, and there are four rounds of competition for one spot on the stage at ACL. The first round ends today, and 3 Penny Acre probably needs about 100 votes to make it into the second round. We can do that, right?

If 3 Penny Acre makes it into the top 100, a panel of judges will narrow the competition to 20, which we think bodes well for 3 Penny Acre. Have you heard them?

To vote, head over to the 3 Penny Acre Page on the Sound and the Jury site. Vote. Tell your friends.

Fayetteville represent.