To-do: Monday 8/31

It’s Monday.

But hey, it’s the day before the Washington County fair starts, it’s five days until the first Razorback football game and the weather is perfect. Things are alright.

It’s Southern night at George’s this evening. Raleigh North Carolina’s American Aquarium is stopping in town in the midst of another massive nationwide tour. Rumor has it they played over 270 shows last year which, as far as I know, makes them one of the very few contenders in the running for beating out Memphis’ Lucero who also tends to be on stage more often than not. Locals The Bobby Drivers are also on the schedge for tonight.

Speaking of Lucero, there’s a giveaway ending tonight for tickets to their show at the AMP in a couple of weeks. Win!

Here’s as much as we know about tonight. What else is happening?

George’s: American Aquarium, The Bobby Drivers 
North Shore at Lake Fayetteville: Night Disc Golf 8pm
Pesto Cafe: Darren Ray 
Herman’s Ribhouse: Bob Wist 
Gypsy on College: Jovan Arellano 
US Pizza Co: Jeff Kearney