To-do: Tuesday 9/1

You know that beeping that comes from a big truck when it’s backing up? Yeah, well that noise has been going on outside for about 2 hours now. If you ask me, that’s too much backing up. Maybe they should put the steering wheel on the other side? Just a thought.

I should probably re-think going to the opening of the Washington County Fair carnival tonight to win some knives. I have a feeling there will be lots of beeps out there. Maybe I just need some ibuprofen.

If you’re not into the fair and are in the mood for some metal, the Gypsy on College should be right up your alley tonight. South Carolina’s VadimVon and locals Vore will be vibrating the walls for most of the night.

Elsewhere, there’s live jazz at Scarpino’s, Knights in the Cellar at George’s and Dave Stiles at Jose’s.

The full list (maybe) (fill us in if we missed something):

George’s: Knights in the Cellar 
Gypsy on College: Vadimvon, Vore 
Teatro Scarpino: Live jazz 
Jose’s: Dave Stiles 
Washington County Fairgrounds: Washington County Fair 
Herman’s Ribhouse: Jamie and Chris 
Speakeasy: DJ Greg 
Smiling Jack’s: Wally Matthew’s Country Review, Josh & Friends