Bikes, Blues & BBQ is back in the black

Bikes, Blues & BBQ announced today that they had retired their debt incurred from the 2008 rally, according to a press release we received this morning.

“Due to the great response we have had from sponsors, vendors and the community this year, we have been able to retire our debt from 2008,” said Kenneth Mourton, chair of Bikes, Blues & BBQ.

“If this year’s rally is as well attended as previous years, we expect that we will be able to fully fund this year’s rally expenses and renew our giving to local charities,” added Mr. Mourton.

Bikes, Blues & BBQ suspended their charitable giving last year after finishing the rally nearly $175,000 in debt. Executive Director of the rally, Nelson Driver, said that a down economy, as well as increased expenses last year contributed to the debt.

Driver said that dramatically cutting those expenses, as well as support from rally sponsors, vendors, and the community are what has led to the retiring the debt.

Bikes, Blues & BBQ’s 10th Anniversary Rally is just three weeks way. It begins on September 23rd.