Staff Pick’ems: Missouri State @ Arkansas

Hallelujah. It’s time for some Arkansas Razorback footballs to be tossed around. It’s time for Bobby P. and the Boys to kick off their second year. It’s time to see which Flyer staffee and which fan can most accurately guess the outcome of each game. It’s not easy, but it’s not tough. Just give us who’ll win, what the score is and what your game summary entails.

Enough is enough, though. I’m ready to watch Michael Smith, Ryan Mallett and a whole slew of others begin this year’s campaign of awesomeness on the field. Give me a beers, give me some Helmet Car, give me some “Woos,” some “Pigs,” and some “Sooies” and let’s get on with it, already!

This season’s first game is in Little Rock, and them Hog boys will take on the Bears of Missouri State. The Bears play in the FCS (Football Championship Subdivision) and over the past two years (by my count) have gone 10-12. The Razorbacks shouldn’t have much of a problem with the Bears and will be a nice way to start off the season with a win. After that, it’s a bye week (why so early?) and then Georgia. But, don’t look too far ahead, keep focused and take care of business. Go Hogs!

How does this week look, gang?

Jonathan says: Razorbacks show up ready to play, start off a little rough, but finish strong. All in all, I predict a strong season opener. Also, Petrino will unleash his breakdancing skills at game’s end by “snaking” across the end zone… Mark my words.
Arkansas 34, Missouri State 13

Todd says: Everyone is removed from the stadium at halftime for using Twitter including @JeffLongUA.
Arkansas 24, Missouri State 17

Trip says: Game is too close, and played sloppily.  After the game, the Hog players sit around and share.
Arkansas 24, Missouri State 21

Seth says: Sucker yes? Sucker no? Sucker yes? Sucker yes? Sucker yes? Sucker no? Sucker yes? Sucker no? Sucker no? Sucker yes? Sucker no? Sucker no? Sucker no? Sucker t? SUCKER!!! You totally fell for it.
Arkansas 34, Missouri State 6

Dustin says: The Hogs spin-kick the Bears … to their death.
Arkansas 49, Missouri State 10