To-do: Tuesday 9/8

Well that’s a first in a long while. We missed the to-do yesterday and it wasn’t because we were off chillaxing at the lake (we were actually working).

Maybe it was the holiday that threw us off. Or maybe it was the Presidential speech hubbub. Heck, maybe it was just that we were still excited about the Hogs clobbering Missouri State. Whatever the reason, we’re sorry. It probably won’t happen again. Maybe.

If you’re looking to get out of the house tonight, your choices are fairly slim according to our calendar. We’ve only got four options listed. That can’t be all that’s happening, can it? If so, it’ll be that much easier to decide, right?

Looking below, the only two musicians listed specifically are Sarah Hughes and Keith Nicholson. Sarah’s at Herman’s and Keith’s at the brand new JJ’s Grill & Chill on Wedington.

What are you doing tonight?

George’s: Lounge Party – No cover 
Teatro Scarpino: Live jazz 
Herman’s Ribhouse: Sarah Hughes 
JJ’s Grill n Chill: Keith Nicholson