To-do: Thursday 9/10

There was a lot going on around town last night but from the looks of the Twittersphere, many of you watched President Obama’s health care speech instead of going out. Don’t worry, you weren’t alone. By the time I went to bed, “Joe Wilson” was the #1 trending topic.

Joe called the President a liar in the middle of his speech. I guess that’s entertainment.

Tonight at Smiling Jack’s, Cletus Got Shot will be joined by Jed Clampit. Eat a sammich. Listen to some tunes. Dance a jig. Or don’t.

George’s has Framing Hanley and Signum A.D. along with locals Wasting Days.

GoodFolk‘s got Jimmy LaFave, Smoke & Barrel‘s got Opal Fly & The Swatters and The Gypsy‘s got Qland and People in the Paper.

Mo? Fo sho:

Arsaga’s on Crossover: Ren Lovely 
George’s: Framing Hanley, Signum A.D., Wasting Days 
GoodFolk: Jimmy LaFave 
Gypsy on College: Qland, People in the Paper 
Pesto Cafe: Kevin Bennoch 
Teatro Scarpino: Big Bad Gina 
Fayetteville Public Library: Film Screening – Fresh 6pm
Foghorn’s on College: Darren Ray 
Mellow Mushroom Pizza: Jeff Kearney 
Smoke & Barrel Tavern: Opal Fly & The Swatters 
Smiling Jack’s: Cletus Got Shot