Twestivals, Tweleted and Punk’d – Oh my!

Shortcuts are hand-picked bits of news, commentary and info from around Northwest Arkansas, the rest of the state and even from places much further away.

Here are today’s Shortcuts:


The sky is crowded
Fayetteville High School might not be literally falling apart, as Mid-Riffs pointed out yesterday, but after watching the video released this week by the Fayetteville School District, it sure looks crowded in there. Don’t forget to vote on Tuesday.

Arkansas hoops star Courtney Fortson was not among those named in the UAPD police report in connection with an alleged campus rape, but he did tweet about it. Well, sorta.


It’s gettin’ hot in (and around) here
The Arkansas Realtors Association released its July housing market report and for the first time since December 2005, Arkansas had a month-to-month gain in houses sold. Plus, our corner of the state is among those with the most sales. Nice!

Little Rock was one of several cities across the country taking part in a Twitter-based fundraiser for nonprofits. Lance Turner has more on the LR Twestival.


9/11 honored
On the anniversary of the Sept. 11 terror attacks, the Obamas held an official moment of silence at 8:46am, the time when the first plane struck the World Trade Center eight years ago in 2001.

Did you notice the “new” Facebook feature that lets you fax a photo to a friend? No? Well neither did we. That’s because it was a prank played on TechCrunch by Facebook in an effort to teach them a lesson about contacting sources before posting stories. Prank war!