The python has been caught

Shortcuts are hand-picked bits of news, commentary and info from around Northwest Arkansas, the rest of the state and even from places much further away.

Here are today’s Shortcuts:


Collier Drug Store robbery
Fayetteville police arrested a suspect and charged him with aggravated robbery in connection with a robbery at Collier Drug Store on Dickson Street.

11-foot python
The local Twittersphere lit up on Friday with news that an 11-foot python was on the loose in Springdale. Don’t worry, it was caught. And now it lives next door to us.


KISS in Little Rock
Rock Candy’s Lindsey Millar reports that KISS will be in Little Rock’s Verizon Arena on Thursday, October 29.

Lotto tickets arrive
The first round of Arkansas lottery scratch-off tickets have arrived in Little Rock. Jon Gambrell even Twitpic’d a photo. Tickets go on sale in exactly two weeks.


Iraqi shoe thrower to be released
The journalist who threw his shoes at then-U.S. President George W. Bush is set to be released tomorrow. His family is staging a sit-in until then.

Kanye West vs. Taylor Swift?
Why are Kanye and Taylor trending topics on Twitter today? Well, Kanye had another outburst. Read all about it