To-do: Monday 9/14

Half of all Americans who were watching TV last night were cheering for either Green Bay or Chicago. The other half were booing Kanye West. Which half were you?

Tonight’s gonna be on the chillaxing side. It’s Monday, it’s kinda rainy, and it’s the eve of the millage election that seems to have the city divided right down the middle.

You could check out the Pope County Bootleggers at US Pizza or test your chess skillz, tournament-style at Smoke & Barrel.

To be honest, though, with all the heat over whether or not we should fund a new FHS by way of a millage increase, it might be safer just to stay in tonight and watch some TV.

ESPN’s got an NFL double-header so you’re covered for the whole night. If you’re not into football, check out the premiere of Jay Leno’s new show. Or you could just eat a Boca Burger by candlelight. They’re not that bad.

The (short) list:

Pesto Cafe: Darren Ray 
Smoke & Barrel Tavern: Chess Tournament 
The Perk: Acoustic jam night 
US Pizza Co: Pope County Bootleggers 
University of Arkansas Global Campus: Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour 6:30pm