Campus Crest issues bill of assurance on sale barn property

Campus Crest Development, LLC, the applicant for rezoning of the sale barn property on Government Avenue, has issued a bill of assurance to the city of Fayetteville as part of their rezoning request.

A three-story height restriction and a 50-foot buffer for construction on Government Avenue, .39 acres for Frisco trail expansion, native vegetation along the borders of the property, a pedestrian walkway and parking along Government Avenue, and a rain garden detention facility are some of the assurances the developers have proposed.

Fayetteville City Attorney Kit Williams said that the bill of assurance would go along with the zoning if the rezoning passes, and would be enforceable in court. “If the zoning is passed, the bill of assurance would follow the property no matter who owned it,” Williams said.

Campus Crest has twice asked the council for more time to develop the bill of assurance, in response to concerns by neighbors and veterans groups opposed to the rezoning of the 9-acre site from I-1 Light Industrial/Heavy Commercial to Downtown General.

“We heard concerns about density, setback and native vegetation, and this is our guarnatee to the city that we will include these items in the development,” said Alex Eyssen, spokesperson for Campus Crest. “Those items were identified from meetings with city leaders and the neighborhood.”

Bill of Assurance Rendering

Neighbors and some veterans have been vocal in recent weeks against the rezoning, citing noise and traffic concerns in the neighborhood, and concerns over student housing and its proximity to the National Cemetery adjacent to the property.

The rezoning request was first heard by the council on June 16, and has been tabled four times, twice by the council, and twice at the request of the applicant Campus Crest to buy time to create the bill of assurance issued on Monday.

It is expected that the council will make a decision Tuesday night on the sale barn rezoning, which will appear first under unfinished business on Tuesday’s agenda.

In addition to the sale barn rezoning, ordinances proposed at the last meeting of the council regarding the Red Dirt Mining and Rock Quarry west of town will be on their second reading tonight.

More From the Bill of Assurance

  • A three-story height restriction on all buildings within fifty (50) feet of the property line along Government Avenue
  • There shall be a fifty (50) feet building set back along all property adjacent to Government Avenue
  • There shall be a density limit of twenty (20) residential apartment units per acre on all property subject to the overall development prior to any land dedication as required by the City of Fayetteville.
  • Petitioner shall dedicate approximately 0.39 acres to the Fayetteville Parks Department for multi-use Frisco Trail expansion and parkland dedication
  • Petitioner shall cooperate with the Fayetteville Parks Department to provide a pedestrian trail from Government Avenue to the Frisco Trail
  • Petitioner shall plant native vegetation along Government Avenue, National Street, Dunn Avenue and Eleventh Street
  • Petitioner shall incorporate at least two full access points to existing city streets for pedestrian and vehicular traffic
  • Petitioner shall construct a rain garden detention facility at the northeast corner of Dunn Avenue and Eleventh Street
  • Petitioner shall construct a Storm Water Quality Basin / Detention Pond along the Frisco Trail
  • Petitioner shall construct on-street parking along Government Avenue, National Street, Dunn Avenue, and Eleventh Street.

Disclosure: The owner of the sale barn property, Billy Joe Bartholomew, is our own Dustin Bartholomew’s grandfather. Read our full disclosure policy here.