To-do: Tuesday 9/15

When looking up information on David Garrett, the same quote keeps coming up over and over again. It even appears in the embedded video below.

So if it’s true that he is “the David Beckham of the violin,” then one could only imagine that he can either kick or play a violin like nobody’s business. Considering he’s put out four studio albums and that the word “virtuoso” also appears repeatedly in the same sentence as his name, I think it’s safe to say he does more of the latter.

I’m kidding, of course. I’ve looked close enough to know that he writes, he plays, and he’s accompanied by a symphony orchestra and full rock band. From Vivaldi to Queen to Michael Jackson and AC/DC, Garrett’s performances sound like they’re certainly something to check out. Tonight, he’s at Walton Arts Center. Get your tickets here.

What else is on the skedge? A few things. Such as…

Herman’s Ribhouse: Scott Miller 
Louie’s Bar & Grill: Russ & Jeff 
George’s: Boom Kinetic, Elise Davis 
Teatro Scarpino: Live jazz 
Walton Arts Center: David Garrett