To-do: Tuesday 9/22

It’s World Carfree Day today. Are you car-free? If not, you could be later this evening, at least for a little while. There’s an organized bike ride beginning at 5:30pm in front of the Fayetteville Public Library for anyone interested in celebrating World Carfree Day.

Who’s in? Who’s out? Who’s maybe?

The bigger question, though, is what are you going to do with the last quiet night of the week? Bikes, Blues & BBQ starts tomorrow and this place is about to start rumbling. And by “rumbling” I mean revving. And by “revving” I mean, holy crap dude, why you gotta pull that throttle back so hard when you’re only going 3MPH?

If the rain holds, you could enjoy a tasty samwich at Smiling Jack’s while listening to Effron White. In other words, he’s playing there. Tonight. Speaking of eating and listening, Waoka Music is at Herman’s this evening. That’s two food and music ops in one night.

Not cool with the munch-n-groove scene? How about some jazz at Scarpino’s? Or Sarah Hughes at Smoke & Barrel? Or Mike Zito at George’s?

No? Well, fine then. Get some rest. The week’s about to get silly.

Fayetteville Public Library: World Carfree Day Bicycle Ride 5:30pm
George’s: Mike Zito No cover
Smoke & Barrel Tavern: The Sarah Hughes Band 
Teatro Scarpino: Live jazz 
Smiling Jack’s: Effron White 
Herman’s Ribhouse: Waoka Music