Bliss Cupcake Cafe coming to downtown Fayetteville

In the last five years or so, cupcake shops have caught on in a big way all over the United States.

What started in New York in the 90’s has since spread to nearby places like Little Rock, Memphis and Dallas. Soon, Fayetteville will have its very own cupcake shop when Bliss Cupcake Cafe opens this fall.

Owners Stephen and Shelley Cassar plan to open Bliss Cupcake Cafe in late October or early November in the EJ Ball building just off the Fayetteville square. The space was formerly occupied by 4 Square Art Gallery.

Shelley Cassar, who graduated from The International School of Baking in Bend, Oregon about 7 years ago, will operate the shop.

“Shelley had operated her own cookie manufacturing business before taking time off to start our family,” Stephen told us. “She had been playing with the idea for while, so the latest push for cupcakes definitely drove us into action.”

Cassar said that Bliss will concentrate on cupcakes, sugar cane bottled cokes from Mexico, and brewed coffee.

“There will be about 10 flavors offered every day with eight that we’ll have regularly, and two specials. People will also be able to order cupcake bouquets from about 40 different varieties,” Cassar said.

Shelley is currently refining the recipes for the shop, but Stephen said he certainly had some favorites.

“There’s a milk chocolate one that’s awesome,” said Stephen. “There’s also a breakfast cupcake and a light lunch cupcake that is more savory. There willl be something to please most tastes.”

Cupcake fans rejoice.

[Photo by littlerottenrobin via Flickr and Creative Commons 2.0.]