To-do: Wednesday 9/23

Bikes, Blues & BBQ is officially upon us, Fayetteville. Some say the weather forecast will keep the bikers away. Some say, “as if.” Also, some say, “NOT.” One guy even said, “Sha.” That guy loves Wayne’s World.

If you feel like being on Dickson Street tonight but are bound and determined to do something completely un-biker, you’ve got an option here to consider. Club FIX is hosting “Street Dance Mania” with NWA breakdance crew Breaking Habits and the popping/freestyle/street jazz P.O.E. Kru. Aerosault DJs EQ & Shortfuze will be spinning.

From the release:

EVERYONE is encouraged to come out and express themselves on the dance floor in a positive manner and simply have a good time—who knows you might even learn a move or two, or perhaps see a real, RAW dance battle yourself.

What else is happening tonight?

Well, Kory Montgomery and Nate Hancock are playing a cover-free show at George’s, there’s live jazz at Ella’s and the Pope County Bootleggers are at Smoke & Barrel.

Also, as mentioned earlier this week, there’s a panel on electricity in Arkansas at the Fayetteville Public Library at 6pm.

Oh, and don’t forget about the Bikes, Blues & BBQ-related live music events for tonight. There’s music at the Randal Tyson Track Center and in both the Walton Arts Center parking lot and the Beer Garden.


Club Fix: Dance crews Breaking Habits & P.O.E. Kru 
Herman’s Ribhouse: TJ Scarlett 
Fayetteville Public Library: Electricity in Arkansas: A Rapidly Evolving Issue 6pm
George’s: Kory Montgomery, Nate Hancock No cover
Smoke & Barrel Tavern: The Pope County Bootleggers 
Ella’s: Jazz on the Hill 
Jose’s: Karaoke 
Mellow Mushroom Pizza: Jovan Arellano 
Modern Cafe: Bluegrass Jam with Ron Wilbourn 
Walton Arts Center: JC/BC Blues Duo, Little Hoojin, Eoff Brothers (parking lot)
Walton Arts Center: Pope County Bootleggers, DJ Soulfree, Meagan White (Beer Garden)
Randal Tyson Track Center: Nick Noltes, Cassette