Weekend: Sept 25, 26, 27

Bikers are everywhere. There were three under my bed this morning when I woke up just hanging out down there, and one was drinking coffee on my couch. Six of them were sleeping it off in my front yard. I even found one in my shoe.

This weekend, you’ve basically got two choices.

One, you can put on your biker boots and chaps, load up your leather fanny pack, get on your hawg and head down to Dickson St./ Track center / The AMP and kick it with the guys in leather. Or two, you could not do that. Those are your choices.

Here are your best bets for option one.

The music starts at 12:00 on the main stage at the Walton Arts Center with Steve, Gene and Ron. Steve, Gene and Ron are currently in need of a better name for their band, if you have any suggestions.

The rest of the Bikes, Blues & BBQ music schedule is posted here. Highlights include the Kory Montgomery Band on the Main Stage (WAC Parking Lot) at 3:30, The Ben Miller Band at the Tyson Track Center at 6:45, and Big Uns and Full House again on the Main Stage starting at 8:45.

Down at The AMP you can check out The Marshall Tucker Band, Oreo Experience, and Steve Pryor under the big white tent.

There are also tunes at the Walton Arts Center beginning at 1:00 with The Pope County Bootleggers highlighting today’s lineup at 3pm.

The BBQ People’s Choice Competition is going down tonight at 6pm at the Track Center. Five bucks will get you a sampling of some of the best BBQ the event has to offer. Better get there early, though. Last year they ran out.

I’d be interested to see how the bikers receive one of our favorite local bands, Cletus Got Shot at Smoke and Barrel tonight.

If you’re not into the leather and doo-rag scene, you could head over to Mellow Mushroom for Shannon Wurst (3 Penny Acre), or do something on this list.

Tomorrow, beginning at 7am there’s a Builder Breakfast at the Clarion Inn. Only 50 people will get to have breakfast with some famous bike builders.

The big bike parade begins at 4pm on Saturday. Find a spot on Razorback Road and you should be cool.

The Razorbacks will try to redeem themselves after a tough loss to Georgia last week. This time against #3 in the nation Alabama at 2:30pm. Root for the Razorbacks.

Tunes-wise tomorrow, I’d check out The Rox at Smilin’ Jack’s.

Bikes, Blues & BBQ comes to an end tomorrow night on the main stage with the Miss Bikes, Blues & BBQ pageant at 10pm, followed by the Nace Brothers/ARKMO Jam to end the night.

On Sunday, the bikers will be gone. You could go to The Botanical Gardens of the Ozarks at 1:30pm for Cooking in the Garden if you want.

The full list, as far as we know, is below. Feel free to add to it in the comments. What are you guys doing this weekend?

Friday, September 25
Bordino’s: 8 Ft. Jump 
Ella’s: Timothy Paul 
The Perk: Open mic night 
Teatro Scarpino: DJ Adam Richardson 
AMP: Marshall Tucker Band, Oreo Experience 
Arsaga’s on Crossover: Fiction 
George’s: Darren Ray, Gary & John, Nace Brothers, Michael Burks, Earl & Them 
Smoke & Barrel Tavern: Cletus Got Shot 
On The Rocks: The Crumbs 
Jammin’ Java: Tiffany Christopher 4:30pm
Gullett’s Gourmet: Sarah Hughes 
US Pizza Co: Pope County Bootleggers 
Mellow Mushroom Pizza: Shannon Wurst 
Walton Arts Center: Steve, Gene and Ron, Robert Hatfield, Kory Montgomery, Leah & The Mojo Doctors, Earl & Them, Big Uns, Full House (parking lot)
Walton Arts Center: Mo Brothers, Pope County Bootleggers, DJ Soulfree, Meagan White (Beer Garden)
Randal Tyson Track Center: Gary & John, Lil Hoojin, Big Bad Bubba, Ben Miller, Robert Hatfield 
Saturday, September 26
Jammin’ Java: East of Zion 
Arsaga’s on Crossover: Jag 
George’s: Darren Ray, Gary & John, Steve Pryor, Ben Miller Band 
Gypsy on College: Hunkr Down 
Smoke & Barrel Tavern: Crazy Neighbor, Guta 
21st Amendment: Keith Nicholson 
On The Rocks: Pope County Bootleggers 
Smiling Jack’s: The ROX 
Walton Arts Center: Gary & John, Big Bad Bubba, TJ Scarlett, Lafuso, Joe Giles, Oreo Blue, Nace Bros. (parking lot)
Walton Arts Center: DJ Soulfree, Nathan Aronowitz, Justin Hamby, Meagan White (Beer Garden)
Randal Tyson Track Center: Mo Bros, Joe Giles, Another Fine Mess, Kory Montgomery, Eoff Bros 
Sunday, September 27
Smiling Jack’s: Effron White 
Common Grounds: Tiffany Christopher, Alina Clark 
Fez Hookah Lounge: Jovan Arellano 
Mellow Mushroom Pizza: The Crumbs 
Pesto Cafe: Shannon Wurst 
Jose’s: Isayah Warford, Kory Montgomery 
George’s: Cletus Got Shot 
Botanical Garden of the Ozarks: Cooking in the Garden 1:30pm