Fall seasonal favorites arriving this week at Flora

The Fall season is upon us and that means fall foliage and flowers are now available at Flora. Orange and gold dried bittersweet by the bundle is available in advance of our local growing season, as well textural tassels of broomcorn, sorghum, and fantail willow.

Flora is also carrying orange and pink euonymus berries that dry very well, so you’ll be able to enjoy them for months.

Fresh-cut selections from our farmers available this time of year include the stunning Tardiva hydrangea. It’s an off-white and pale green cluster of larger than usual blossoms spattered with burgundy and pinky red. Don’t miss the deep black purple longstem Diablo Ninebark. The dahlias are beautiful, loving the cooler weather.

For additional information on the fall selections now available at Flora, contact Pam, Alison or Joseph or visit www.floranwa.com.

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