Get to know a DJ: Wednesdays

I know, I know, I’ve kept you waiting. A whole week since last Wednesday, and you still don’t have any knowledge of the folks behind the dial. Well, you’re in luck, cause I’ve got a new post for you.

Wednesdays on KXUA 88.3FM

6-9am – Brandy Barnes: she’s one cool climber. Seriously. She’s ice-climbed a glacier before.
9-12pm – DJ’ango: “I like being a DJ because it allows me to reach out to the community through music and my brief vocal spots. It’s also a great way to grow skills in organization, scheduling, and communication.”
12-3pm: Megan Nichols: “I like to DJ because I like music and I like giving others the opportunity to listen to something that doesn’t suck.”
3-6pm: Mollie Webb

6-8pm: Nature You Should Know with Mojo—Mojo is pretty cool. Each week her show features music based on some theme in the animal kingdom. Entertaining and educational. And you thought that concept died with Schoolhouse Rock.
8-10pm: Wheels of Steel with DJ EJ: “”Now in its second year, I’ve greatly enjoyed hosting Wheels of Steel as it has allowed me to meet many DJs from northwest Arkansas and share their music with people all over the world. Through the KXUA blog and the Wheels of Steel Facebook group page, lovers of electronic dance music are able to download (for free!) hour long plus mixes recorded live in the KXUA studio and interviews with internationally known DJs like Mix Master Mike, Treasure Fingers, and DJ Benzi. This is my third year reviewing electronic music for KXUA, my fourth year as a DJ, and I work independently to bring touring electronic music artists to Fayetteville. I invite you to listen to Wheels of Steel, only on KXUA 88.3FM.”
10-12pm: The Late Night Spookline—have you ever heard of Coast to Coast AM? It’s a paranormal call-in show. So is the Spookline. You know what makes the Spookline so much cooler? The fact that we syndicate it from Gary, Indiana? Yes. The fact that everyone on the show is completely insane? Also yes. The fact that a one-armed grad student once cut his nose off with an X-acto knife in the middle of a show? Most definitely. Don’t miss it.

Jon Cox is a guest contributor for the Fayetteville Flyer. He is also the Promotions Director for KXUA 88.3 FM, the student-run radio station on the University of Arkansas campus. For more of Jon’s contributions to the Fayetteville Flyer, visit his author page.