Fayetteville Chamber announces economic development team

The Fayetteville Chamber of Commerce announced its new economic development team Wednesday at a press conference held at the Chamber offices near the Fayetteville square.

Chung Tan and Candy Harrel were announced as part of the new team hired to lead economic development activities in Fayetteville.

The Chamber of Commerce was awarded a $250,000 contract over two years with the City of Fayetteville on Sept. 15 to develop a targeted business prospecting plan with a specific emphasis on businesses that focus on Green Economy, health care, tourism, hospitality, arts and entertainment and non-governmental non-profit organizations. The contract with the city stemmed from a goal outlined at the Fayetteville Forward Summit earlier this year.

“It’s a great partnership between the Chamber of Commerce and the City of Fayetteville, and I think the best days of this city lie ahead,” Mayor Lioneld Jordan said.

Tan has 13 years experience in economic development nationally and internationally, and was economic development officer at Monterey Park, Calif. before coming to Arkansas. Tan is also fluent is seven languages and dialects.

“We look forward to helping Fayetteville move forward with its ecomonic development efforts,” Tan said. “We want to put Fayetteville on the map, not only locally, but regionally, as well as internationally.”

“I am exited to work collaboratively with the city and other organizations that will help move Fayetteville forward in terms of business creation, retention, and expansion,” Tan said.

Candy Harrel was named Assistant Economic Development officer. Harrel has a 15-year background in training and development for corporations, and has experience in governmental affairs having previously worked with the Electric Cooperatives of Arkansas.