Flyer Profile: Perpetual Werewolf

Almost a year ago, we wrote about a local band that we had just discovered called Man the Helm.

They were loud, awesome, and at the time, they were a sign that the Fayetteville underground music scene was becoming healthy again.

But shortly after our interview, Man the Helm stopped playing. We were depressed.

Recently though, some of the members of Man the Helm regrouped and formed a new project, Perpetual Werewolf. Now, we are happy again.

Perpetual Werewolf is made up of Ruben Regalado, Drew Beckham, and Nicole Sexauer. You can check them out on Myspace, or you can check them out in person on Oct. 23 at Smoke and Barrel Tavern with Birmingham, Alabama’s Lollipop Factory.

We got in touch with the band, and they were nice enough to answer some questions for us.

Fayetteville Flyer: What have you been listening to lately?
Ruben- Music Machine, Malady, DRAMA, D.R.I.
Drew- Megaman, Battles, Yes.
Nicole- Danzig, D.R.I., Malady, The Gun Club

FF: How long have you guys been playing together?
Ruben- About 2 years.
Drew- About 2 years?
Nicole- About 2 years!

FF: What are some other bands you’ve been in around town?
Ruben- Man The Helm, Real Live Tigers, Zombie Dice and 15 other bands that I started in my head
Drew- Man The Helm
Nicole- Man The Helm, Zombie Dice

FF: How did Perpetual Werewolf come about?
Drew- Late one night after a Man The Helm show we were attacked by werewolves. One of us didn’t make it, and the remaining 3 had no choice but to join forces and become Perpetual Werewolf.
Ruben- Yup
Nicole- Nope

FF: Tell us about the split release with Ginsu Wives, Church of the Snake and Color Club. Is it available, and where can we get one?
Drew- It’s called Bizarkansas and was recorded in Conway, AR with Tracy Prince (Ginsu Wives) and Bobby Missile (COTS). You can get a copy at select live shows. Possibly.
Ruben- A 7 inch will be available soon
Nicole- Zimmerman did the art.

FF: How do you perceive the music scene in Fayetteville right now?
Ruben- It’s currently hibernating.
Drew- There are a lot of good bands floating around, but personally I’d like to see a lot more house shows. They seem to be a bit rare these days.
Nicole- I’d like to see more shows at Qdoba.

FF: What are some other bands we should check out?
Drew- The list would be too long. Just go to local shows.
Ruben-Here’s a couple though: Egyptr, Queen Beast, Pink Drapes, St. Anthony.
Nicole- Also, DJ Wolfenstein 3D, Brass Knuckle Abortion, and High Magic?
and i know he’s not in a band, but Mike Anderson is the MAN.

FF: With much of music being consumed digitally now, plenty of bands have abandoned the album as a format. Are albums still relevant?
Ruben- Yes, i do think they’re relevant, especially after having downloading so many
albums and being bombarded and overwhelmed with music. Having the actual album
slows you down so that you can appreciate it more.
Drew- I think so. Especially in less common formats like vinyl or cassette. A physical or visual accompaniment to the music can only enhance it.
Nicole- No comment

FF: Fayetteville has gone pizza crazy. Who has the best pizza?
Drew- Until recently I would have said Mellow Mushroom, but I think Damgoode may have stolen the crown. Dollar Beers anyone?
Ruben- Man, i don’t even know.
Nicole- Cici’s!

FF: If you died, and your ghost was going to haunt a place in Fayetteville, what would that place be and why?
Man the Helm: In unison- I’d like to get together with some other ghosts and start a ghost band. Then we could haunt some local venues. Maybe call ourselves Holy Ghost Children.

FF: What’s next for you guys? Recording? Touring? Writing? Dancing?
Drew- Yes. Yes. Yes. Definitely Yes. Also we’re playing at Smoke & Barrel Friday October 23rd with Lollipop Factory.
Ruben- We’re recording some time in November with Tracy Prince again,
and it’ll either be a full length or an EP. We’ll tour as soon as we get a van.
Nicole- Dancing, mostly.

Click below to hear Pulleys, Levers, and Other Simple Machines by Perpetual Werewolf