To-do: Tuesday 10/20

I hope you’re not interested in live music options tonight. Or if you are, I hope you know something that we don’t. If not, though, you’d better be a jazz fan.

In what is single-handedly the worst night for music choices in the history of the Fayetteville Flyer, there is only one live music event taking place tonight (that we know of).

So give it up for the McCleod/Burson Quartet for owning the evening’s music. They’re at Teatro Scarpino. Claudia Burson rules. As does Nathan McLeod. If you’re a straight-ahead jazz fan, check it out.

In music-related news, remember that retweet we sent out last month after we heard from @UAtrav that Third Eye Blind was coming to Barnhill in November? Well, if you’re a student and you want tickets, you’d best head over to the Connections Lounge on campus (Dickson Street side) today and pick them up before they’re gone. The free ticket distribution is from 7:30 am to 5 pm today and students can pick up two free tickets with two valid UA Student IDs.

Wanna Riverdance? If so, the show kicks off tonight at Walton Arts Center. Balcony seats aren’t available but you can still get in on the main floor. And parking is free…for now.

The (not so) full list:

Teatro Scarpino: McCleod Burson Quartet 
Nightbird Books: Professional Women’s Network Lunch at Hammontree’s 11:30am
Arkansas Union: Evolution of Dance with Judson Laipply 8 pm
Walton Arts Center: Riverdance 7 pm