To-do: Thursday 10/22

Fayetteville newcomer Miles Ralston comes to us from nearby Tulsa, Okla. He studied at the University of Tulsa and received a degree in music with an emphasis in jazz.

Trout Fishing in America’s Ezra Idlet says Ralston is “a gifted guitarist and songwriter.” Tulsa World called his music unique, poignant and profound. He’ll be at Soul tonight and if this rain keeps up, it’ll be a perfect night to judge for yourself with some dinner and tunes.

Click below to hear What a Difference a Day Makes by Miles Ralston

There’s more, though. Check it:

Gullett’s Gourmet: Bob Wist 
The Wine Cellar: Jazz Combo Society 
St. Paul’s Episcopal: Older, Wiser and Sexually Smarter (more info)
George’s: Dirtfoot, Keith Nicholson 
Mellow Mushroom Pizza: Tiffany Christopher 
On The Rocks: Nate Hancock 
Teatro Scarpino: Big Bad Gina 
Pesto Cafe: Kevin Bennoch 
Smoke & Barrel Tavern: Scott Leeper 
Soul: Miles Ralston 6 pm
UARK Bowl & Ballroom: Ceramic Cow Halloween Show 7:30 pm
Walton Arts Center: Riverdance 7 pm

[Photo by Dana Idlet.]