Powerball launches tomorrow, Oct. 31

Have you played Powerball in Arkansas yet? Of course you haven’t. The game doesn’t start until tomorrow.

The multi-state game arrives Saturday, Oct. 31, just over a month after the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery began selling its first scratch-off tickets on Sept. 28. The lottery became self-sufficient just a couple of weeks ago.

Earlier this week, a series of events leading up to the Powerball launch kicked off across the state including the display of large, inflatable Powerballs that popped up in various locations. According to KNWA News, Fayetteville had one sitting on the side of Underwood Plaza for a few hours on Thursday.

An official kickoff party is planned for tomorrow night at 9 pm in Little Rock’s River Market Pavilion, featuring an eight-story ball drop countdown.

Powerball tickets go on sale at 10:15 pm across the state for $1 each and winning numbers will be announced live on KNWA each Wednesday and Saturday night at 9:59 pm CST.

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