Flip for your burger at Razor’s Reef Grill & Cantina tonight (11-3)

If you haven’t tried the new Razor’s Reef Grill & Cantina on Razorback Road, then maybe tonight (Tuesday, November 3rd) is your night to give it a shot. Flip for your burger!

That’s because tonight, you can try a burger from Razor’s Reef, and have a 50% chance that it will be free.

Here’s how it works. Go to Razor’s Reef on Razorback Road beginning at 5:00 pm. Order a burger and fries. Enjoy said burger and fries, and at the end of the meal, flip a coin with your server. If you call it correctly, your burger is on the house.

Razor’s Reef is also serving up $2 domestic bottle beers to wash those burgers down with, so really, everybody wins. Awesome.

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