Weekend: Nov 6, 7, 8

Pop quiz. How many towns in Northwest Arkansas have a film festival, an art opening, a pep rally, tailgating, a college football game, a breast cancer benefit, a Renaissance Festival, an adventure race, a chili cook-off, tons of live music, and live theatre options all happening in one weekend?

Answer: one. Guess which one it is? Ours. We win.

Tonight, the first ever 540 Film Festival gets into full swing with movies at both the UARK Bowl and the U of A Global Campus. For more on that, here’s a handy guide to the festival.

There’s an artist reception for Ellen Altes Gregory at Ultra Studio’s tonight. Flamenco guitarist Raja Khoury and gypsy violinist Ryan Cockerham of the Kahula Gypsy Band will perform, and the whole thing is free.

Sports-wise, there’s a pep rally at the Mall tonight. Rockin’ With The Razorbacks is going down in the food court from 6:00-9:00 pm. The voice of the Razorbacks Chuck Barrett, the Razorback Spirit Squads, Mascots and the Razorback Marching Band will be there. This is the event that was rescheduled from a few weeks ago due to rain. Get pepped.

Tunes wise, Paul Geremia will be at Good Folk tonight. Paul has been touring around the country for 40+ years, and plays a mean Blues.

Shawn Eckles of Speakeasy will be doing a solo set at the Greenhouse Grille tonight for their Friday night music night.

At George’s, there is a benefit for Susan G. Komen For the Cure called Pink Trash Ball. The Bouffants from Memphis are playing, and if you go, you’re encouraged to dress “as pink and trashy as you can with your hair teased as high as it will go.” All of the proceeds go to the Komen Foundation.

It’s also Lucio’s Grown Folks Night at the Smoke and Barrel w/ Rockst*r, Dirtbag and Shortfuze.

Saturday morning starts the Farmers’ Market countdown. It’s one of only three more chances to enjoy it, so you’d better get down there.

The Razorback footballers will be in action against South Carolina at 11:21 am at Reynolds Razorback Stadium, so the tailgating is gonna start early. The game will be televised by the SEC Network.

If football isn’t your thing, maybe a Rennassaince Festival is? If so, there’s one going on at the Washington County Fairgrounds. It’s also free. Drink some meade, or something.

Tunes wise, there’s a double show at Smoke and Barrel on Saturday. Sarah Hughes is playing a rare early show beginning at 5:00, and then pat mAcdonald and Melanie Jane will play the late show. Pat is coming all the way from Wisconsin, and his songs on myspace are pretty sweet.

The One Ups will be at the Boom Boom Room Saturday night playing some Nintendo music – Jazz-style.

Sunday afternoon, Jason and the Argonauts is playing at the Walton Arts Center. Two actors playing over 150 roles “with the help of action figures that reference pop-culture classics like “Star Wars,” “Back to the Future,” and Leonardo DiCaprio in “Titanic.”

Also, there’s an award ceremony followed by the Best of the Fest from the 540 Film Fest playing Sunday afternoon/evening at the UARK Bowl.

There’s also a huge show at George’s Sunday night with Galactic.

That’s what I’d do, but there are so many more options below. What are you guys doing this weekend?

Friday, November 6
NWA Mall: Rockin’ with the Razorbacks Pep Rally & Tailgate 6 pm
Qdoba Mexican Grill: Skinny Jazz Quartet 
Grub’s: Boom Kinetic 
Bordino’s: Sarah Hughes 
Gullett’s Gourmet: Benjamin Del Shreve 
The Perk: Chris Goering 
Lewis & Clark Outfitters: Urban Adventure Race (more info)
Ella’s: Timothy Paul 
Maxine’s: Jed Clampit 
Speakeasy: DJ Greg 
George’s: Big Uns, Pink Trash Ball w/ The Boufants 
GoodFolk: Paul Geremia 8 pm
Greenhouse Grille: Shawn Eckles 6-9 pm
UARK Bowl & Ballroom: 540 Film Fest, Comedy Improv (more info)
Walton Arts Center: Kayhan Kahlor & Brooklyn Rider 8 pm
Ultra Studios: Ellen Altes Gregory reception 6pm
University of Arkansas Global Campus: 540 Film Fest (more info)
On The Rocks: Jaden South 
Smoke & Barrel Tavern: Lucio’s Grown Folks Night w/ Rockst*r, Dirtbag and Shortfuze 
Saturday, November 7
Cheers: Maud Crawford 
Grub’s: Benjamin Del Shreve 
Bordino’s: Jones’n Leah 
Brewski’s: Chili Cook-Off 2 pm
Boom Boom Room: The OneUps 
Lewis & Clark Outfitters: Urban Adventure Race (more info)
Ella’s: Raja 
Gusano’s Pizzeria: Darren Ray 
Jose’s: Red Ambition 
Qdoba Mexican Grill: Luda 
Fayetteville Public Library: Arts Live Theatre 11:30 am
George’s: Matt Stell, Emory Quinn 
Greenhouse Grille: David Glaser 
UARK Bowl & Ballroom: 540 Film Fest, Comedy Improv (more info)
University of Arkansas Global Campus: 540 Film Fest (more info)
Washington County Fairgrounds: NWA Renaissance Festival 10am- 5pm (more info)
Smoke & Barrel Tavern: Sarah Hughes, Pat MacDonald, Melanie Jane 
Sunday, November 8
Common Grounds: DJ SoulFree, Casual Flyze 
21st Amendment: Randall Shreve 
Unitarian Universalist Fellowship: Jim Scott, environmentalist & songwriter 7 pm – $10 adults, $5 kids, under 6 free
George’s: GALACTIC, Corey Henry, Mike D’s GoGo Jungle 
Greenhouse Grille: Raja 
Walton Arts Center: Jason & the Argonauts 4 pm
Washington County Fairgrounds: NWA Renaissance Festival 10am- 5pm (more info)