Does Fayetteville really need a nickname?

I’m a ridiculously positive person, to the point that it is almost weird. Ask anyone. Or read my stories on the Flyer.

That said, if there is one thing I can’t stand, it’s LSU. Hate those guys.

But if there are two things that I hate, the second thing would be parking tickets, which I get a lot of, or speeding tickets which I also seem to get a lot of, but the third thing…the third thing I hate is absolutely the nickname “Fayettenam” for Fayetteville.

There are several reasons for this.

Vietnam is a country in SE Asia, and while I’m sure it is a very nice place, but I can’t really see the connection to Fayetteville.

Is it supposed to have a negative connotation, like the Vietnam War?

What does it even mean?

For another thing, that’s what they call Fayetteville, North Carolina. In fact, it was certainly a North Carolina thing before it was an Arkansas thing.

Other nicknames for Fayetteville I’ve heard are “the ‘Ville,” which is kinda generic, or F-Town, which is also not very original.

Fay-town is another one I’ve heard several times. It’s whatever.

“The Hill” is used typically to mean the University of Arkansas.

Lioneld Jordan calls it Fedvul, but I think that’s just a pronunciation thing.

Can we agree that Fayettenam is a bad idea, and banish that term from the local vernacular? Can we just call Fayetteville what it is, which is awesome? Can we just call it awesome?

Do you have a nickname for Fayetteville? Do we really need one?