To-do: Tuesday 12/1

December seems to be starting itself off on a good foot. Or at least on a recognizable foot. It’s certainly aware of itself in terms of temperature, and in Fayetteville, that’s a good thing.

Bring it, winter.

If you’re looking to keep warm tonight without the use of a Sunbeam® Hot Shot® and a pack of cheap apple cider, consider dancing your hiney off at George’s with the electronic jammyness of EOTO. They’ve got a couple of members from The String Cheese Incident and will probably draw a good-sized crowd.

Over at Scarpino’s is the McLeod Burson Quartet. If you’re into jazz and haven’t been to a Tuesday night at Scarpino’s yet, give it some consideration.

Besides a student guitar studio recital at the Stella Boyle Smith Concert Hall, those are all your choices for music tonight.

Unless, of course, you bring your iPod to the City Council Meeting.


George’s: EOTO, Vaxination 
Stella Boyle Smith Concert Hall: Guitar Studio Recital 8 pm
Teatro Scarpino: Live jazz – McLeod Burson Quartet