Keep Fayetteville Funky Zero K set for tonight, Dec. 8

Exercise is good for you. And, 5k runs have become effective fundraisers for all kinds of organizations that do some really great things for our community. Also, a lot of people really enjoy running. It makes sense.

Still, some people say that getting a regular colonic is good for you. And so are brussels sprouts, but whether you like them or not, neither brussels sprouts nor colonics are that much fun. Also, some of us just aren’t that into running five kilometers if we aren’t being chased by a rabid dog or an alligator or a terrorist.

Back in April, H.O.P.E., Inc was the first organization that I know of who provided an option for those of us who aren’t into running long distances with the Fresh Express 50-Yard Dash, and tonight, Liz Knight, founder of Keep Fayetteville Funky, has taken it a step further with the first-ever Keep Fayetteville Funky Zero K at Grub’s.

The Keep Fayetteville Funky is a “non-event” where folks can gather and not run for a cause.

Non-Runners can register from 8:00-11:00, and for $20 you get a free t-shirt, a number (you know, like runners have) for your shirt, and free draft beer. The first 100 will get shirts with the zero K design, and coozies, bumper stickers and coffee mugs will also be on sale.

All of the proceeds from the “non-event” will benefit the Fayetteville Independent Business Alliance. The event begins at 8 pm.