Vote for Cletus Got Shot in the IMA Awards

If there’s one thing I know about Fayetteville people, it’s that we stick together. We have to protect each other from the tyranny of other cities, like Elm Springs, or Little Flock, and another thing that we always do is help each other out when one of us gets nominated for an award in the form of votes on a website to ensure that at least one of us (or a few of us) can win an award judged by the likes of Tom Waits, Ricky Skaggs, The Black Keys, Aimee Mann, M. Ward and Suzanne Vega.

We do that, right?

If so, we’ve got some work to do for Fayetteville’s Cletus Got Shot, who has been nominated in the Americana category of the Independent Music Awards this year.

There are two parts to the competition. The nominees are judged by a panel of artists and music industry folks in the first part. The judges for his year’s IMA’s are pretty impressive, and as far as I’m concerned if Tom Waits heard some music that I was involved with, I’d already have won. Oh, or Hanson (they’re also on the list).

There’s also a Vox Populi portion where fans and visitors determine the winners by rating the nominees. To vote for Cletus Got Shot, visit the IMA voting site, register an account, and vote for the good guys.

If Cletus Got Shot wins, Fayetteville wins, and so does America.