Arkansas Lottery launches Cash 3 draw game

Beginning today (Dec. 14), lottery fans have a new game to play. Cash 3 is a three-digit game with several ways to play and win.

Cash 3 is the lottery’s first in-state draw game using random number generators. Cash 4 is expected to arrive sometime in 2010.

Pricing for Cash 3 tickets starts at 50 cents per drawing but players can choose to play in multiple drawings on each ticket. The odds of winning range from 1 in 67 to 1 in 1,000 depending upon the play type selected. Prizes range from $40 to $500.

The instructions for playing this type of draw game are much more in-depth than for instant win tickets. For example, there are seven play types available with names like “STRAIGHT,” “3-WAY BOX,” “3-WAY STRAIGHT/BOX,” and “6-WAY COMBO.”

Drawings will be held at 12:59 pm Monday through Saturday and at 6:59 pm daily. Winning numbers will be shown on the lottery’s website. Players may also ask any lottery retailer for a printout of winning numbers or call 501-682-IWON (4966).

For more information on Cash 3, visit